About Us

Going through an interview is a nerve-wrecking process for many, especially to the new bird venturing into the competitive job market. Imagine a full-scale job interview done without having to leave the comfort of your own home or desk. Established in 2009, believes that we have developed a tool that would lead the next generation of recruitment and job seeking solutions.

How It Works

How it works is, the employer logs into the platform and posts vacancies. Jobseekers then apply for the positions they are interested in, by submitting their introduction video along with their resume. allows jobseekers to put up 5 different types of introduction videos, which serve as their cover letter in their job application. It enables them to create a unique video to tailor to the different type of jobs they are applying for. Employers view all submitted applications and filter the shortlisted candidates for a round of assessment, i.e. the virtual interview. This virtual interview is pre-recorded and not in real time and hence serves as another filtration level. Employers are able to qualify each application through a set of questions which the candidate has only one chance of answering in one sitting. This translates to a transparent interviewing process as it enables employers to objectively compare question responses across different applicants easily and quickly.

Furthermore, applications received are compiled by the web-based platform into an efficient database where employers will be able to use a range of filters to screen and save the data of each candidate for future reference. This also means that different hiring offices can share the same information. This platform is compatible with any internet browser, it does not have to be downloaded separately.

Next-5 for the Education Sector

Next-5 is most beneficial for first time job seekers. It provides educational institutes with an avenue to receive self-created Video Introductions of their students while also equipping them with a platform to train, manage and promote their students for job and internship opportunities.

With, schools can also have an option that enables students to record mock interviews of themselves, while allowing their career coach to review and provide guidance for their students to improve their interview recordings.

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